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The setting for this case takes place in Wyoming Mystic Monk coffee was created. The company was created by Daniel Mary who was the leader of this Church on this plantation they lived on. The industry they are joining is an up and coming coffee industry that includes sales from in store such as grocery stores and sales coming from other companies such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Dunkin Doughnuts. The Nature of the Mystic Monk Coffee is made on this plantation during certain parts of the day due to the monks having to have service and worship throughout the day. They only have approximately 13 monks who are working and each specialize in a certain area. The nature of their operation could also hurt the company as well. With only have such few workers and having so many stoppage times throughout the day, it doesn’t allow them to produce as much coffee as they could. Not to mention that they need to upgrade their roaster too that would allow them to roast more coffee but that would be an expense that would cut into the small 11% profit they do make according to the case. Another issue they have is marketing; everything is done through word of mouth by the church and doesn’t allow them to reach the vast majority of people. Without clearly defining their target market they rely on people of the Catholic Church as their only customers. Another issue they may face is that they are trying to obtain more land while also not generating enough profit. To me it seems like they are planning to far ahead before they become well established. Its like they need to learn to crawl before they can walk. Another issue is trying to compete with the other brand when you are only selling your product online and not getting it into store. Society doesn’t like to wait for certain things and coffee is one of them. Why would order coffee online when you could go to the store and

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