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Monitoring Employees on Networks Essay

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Below is an essay on "Monitoring Employees on Networks" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

How does an e-mail benefit an organization? E-mail is able to benefit a company due to its faster response than regular mail service, e-mails can be saved for later use and response can also be saved and retrieved later if the need is there. Organizations want to limit how employees use the e-mail provided so they don’t happen to open any unwanted or unnecessary attachments which could possibly contain a virus. E-mails have been known to take away from production time as well so employers want to make sure that the productivity stays at its peak at all times. This cost is passed on to the customer if the productivity of an employee is dampened by the hassle of e-mail. On top of that it is low cost compared to other communications. An e-mail’s path once it leaves an organization could be through a software program made to monitor, if one is in place then the e-mail can be at the intended place within seconds.
The effect of instant messaging on organizational network can be beneficial allowing clients to instantly communicate as well as employees. Some of the benefits of instant messaging are; fast communication to answering questions, no need to hold a meeting, employees can keep in contact with each other about cases being worked on, and allows others to show what the status of an employee is among themselves. Some drawbacks of using instant messaging in an organization could be; employee misuse, inappropriate communications getting to the wrong person, etc. As with any tool used the employees need to have proper training on this and avoid using it for personal use, as long as the communications are used the way they were intended, all is well and it is beneficial to the business.
As with all other tools Web Page and search engine use has the benefits to an organization as well as drawbacks. The benefits are great to the company if used properly by the employees, the employees would quickly be able to respond to a customer with a problem, issue, or question....

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