Monitoring And Assessing The New Gcse Design And T Essay

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What is the best method of monitoring and assessing the new GCSE Design and Technology coursework starting September 2010? Introduction Research Justification and Background There are a number of reasons why I have undertaken this title for my assignment. Firstly, as of September 2010, GCSE Design and Technology will be marked under controlled assessment criteria. At this stage, not many teachers know exactly how this will work and how it will be monitored. There have been a number of suggested methods of monitoring, assessing and moderating coursework but yet there seems to be a number of grey areas as to how this will be implemented. I will be working at a school in September that will be using the WJEC examination board for Design and Technology. This means that I will be directly affected by the decisions made over the coming months regarding GCSE coursework. Irish Education System As I come from an Irish education system I can see many differences in how examinations are marked. At Leaving Certificate Level (A level equivalent) in Ireland there is a grading system in place that rewards a grade for the following percentage ranges. These grades then correspond to a number of points. At Leaving Cert seven subjects are taken. The candidate’s six best subjects are counted to give the candidate a score. The maximum is score is six hundred points (one hundred points in six subjects.) These points are used in the allocation of University places to candidates. Shown below is a list of the grades achievable and the corresponding number of points A1 : 90-100 (100points) A2 : 85-90 (90points) B1 : 80-85 (85points) B2 : 75-80 (80points) B3 : 70-75 (75points) C1 : 65-70 (70points) C2 : 60-65 (65points) C3 : 55-60 (60points) D1 : 50-55 (55points) D2 : 45-50 (50points) D3 : 40-45 (45points) E : 24-39 (0points) Is the

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