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Monitor a Computer Network: Green Bank Case Study: Green Bank is one of the famous Kiwi banks with more than one hundred thousand customers. The bank provides a number of services like: personal banking and assets management, credit cards, corporate banking, savings banking, mortgages. To ensure the provision of best service to their customers, information regarding bank services and promotions are put on the Internet Guidelines and useful software resides on the network server. OS on the network servers is Windows Server 2008 named “GrBaSer”. Network Monitoring relates the use of a system that constantly monitors a computer network for slow or failing components and that notifies the network administrator in case of outages via e-mail or phone. Network Monitoring relates also to the observation and the analysis of the status and behaviour of the following objects: - Network devices - End systems - Network links - Network traffic - Network applications There are two ways of monitoring a network: 1) Active Monitoring: It has the capability to inject test packets into network or send packets to servers and applications, following them and measuring service and responses obtained from the network. 2) Passive Monitoring (Sniffer): The passive approach uses devices to watch the traffic as it passes by. These devices can be special purposes devices such a Sniffer or OCxMON, or they can be built in devices such as a Router or a Switch. It is true that the passive approach does not increase the traffic on the network however the polling required to collect the data and the traps and alarms all generate network traffic, which can be substantial. Further the amount of data gathered can be substantial especially if one is doing flow analysis or trying to capture information on all packets. They can be used together at the same time. For

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