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AP World History Comparison Essay Analysis Assignment 50 Points Due: Friday July 12, noon Assignment Part I: Score the essays below according to the AP World History Comparative Essay Rubric. (10 points per essay X 3 = 30 points) * Underline and put a (T) next to a successful Thesis statement. * Underline and put an (S) next to valid similarities. * Underline and put a (D) next to valid differences. * Underline and put an (E) next to all pieces of acceptable evidence. * Put [brackets] around sentences that demonstrate an accurate direct comparison. Put a (DC) next to this sentence. Part II: Write a paragraph evaluating the essays that you have scored. Which was the strongest? The weakest? Aside from getting all of the rubric points, what makes the stronger essay better than the other two essays? Are there any essays that are strong enough to be awarded expanded core points? Explain. (20 points) A Note about evidence: To earn 2 points: students must acknowledge the task of analyzing four categories (political and economic effects on the two regions). To earn 1 point: students must acknowledge TWO or THREE correct/relevant examples. Changes of deliberate changes in social, cultural, or religious policies can be counted as political effects (i.e. these changes were consequences of political policy). One piece of evidence can be used for two regions and count for evidence in ech region, if it is specifically explained for each region. (For example, “Reinvigoration of the Silk Roads benefitted the economies of both X and Y regions by doing a in X and by doing b in Y.” If there is no acceptable thesis, evidence must be relevant to the task. Prompt Compare and contrast the political and economic effects of Mongol rule on TWO of the following regions: China Middle East Russia Name

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