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Writing Center Composing A Coherent Essay Stages in Writing with Samples Fall 2004 Dilek Tokay Pre-Writing Stage TOPIC: Money BRAINSTORMING ON THE TOPIC: Exchange Depositing in banks Buying shares in the stock market Buying property Happiness ? Better character ? Travel opportunities Money More power Better education Good health? Better nourishment Better housing Entertainment opportunities Greediness? Ambition? Pre-Writing Stage CLASS DISCUSSIONS REVIEW OF VOCABULARY What is money? Webster’s Dictionary Entry: Money is a means of exchange NOUNS Does money bring ----------? power Does money provide -------? status problems opportunities for better health for better education for a lot of travelling s Do rich people always behave ------? ADVERBS well generously Does earning / making a lot of money make a person ------------? ADJECTIVES powerful greedy ambitious considerate thoughtful helpful Are wealthier people healthier than others? COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES better educated more generous more conscientious more honest wiser happier REVIEW OF PATTERNS Structures: Subject + Modal +Verb MODAL have to People should must ought to shouldn’t Money VERB ADJECTIVE give more importance to humanistic values…. care more about moral values… stop caring a lot about materialistic values... invest their money intelligently for society’s benefits. be concerned only about their personal profits when buy bring there are millions of others dying of hunger or of uncurable diseases. you love. you happiness. your health back. an aim, but a tool in life. can’t shouldn’t be REVIEW OF PATTERNS Structures: Subject + Verb + COMPARATIVE + than + Object Good health Happiness Wisdom is is is ADJECTIVE more important than money. more healing than any other medicine. greater virtue than anything that makes one powerful. ADJECTIVE in/ on -------among -------to + verb------ a

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