Money and Banking System Essay

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First of all we want to give thanks to Almighty Allah for giving us the opportunity to complete this report. Then we would like to express our grateful thanks to our honorable parents. After that we would like to express our gratitude to our teacher Kazi Ayesha Siddiqua. Her advice and enthusiasm helped us allot to complete this report. We also want to give thanks to all of them who have given a lot of valuable suggestions and moral support to us. Money is the fascinating aspects of the economy. Money bewitches people. We fret for they sweat for it. We devise most ingenious ways to get it. Money is the only commodity that is good for nothing but to be gotten rid of. It will not feed us, clothe us, shelter us or amuse us unless we spend it or invest it. It is imparts value only in parting. We people will do almost anything for money and money will always do anything for us. In this report we want to unmask the critical role of money and the monetary system in the economy. When the monetary system is working properly, it provides the lifeblood of the circular flows of income and expenditure. A well-operating monetary system helps the economy achieve both full employment and the efficient use of resources. A malfunctioning monetary system creates fluctuations in the economy’s levels of outputs, employment, and prices and distorts the allocation of resources. In this report we also want to unmask the crucial role of a BANK and BANKING SYSTEMS in Bangladesh. Thus, will discuss about the definitions and the historical backgrounds of bank, risks of banks, and etc.We will also discuss about Bangladesh Bank, state owned commercial banks, private banks, foreign banks and specialized banks. After that we’ll discuss about the recent development of money and banking system too.

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