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I Don’t Care Too Much for Money, ‘Cause Money Can’t Buy Me Love During an interview in 1966, journalists asked Paul McCartney to reveal the “true” meaning behind The Beatles’ hit song titled “Can’t Buy Me Love”. As he reflected on all the perks that money and fame had given him, he stated that the song should have been called “Can Buy Me Love”. So if the god-like Paul McCartney says that money can buy happiness then we should all agree with him, right? Money makes the world go round. The harsh reality is that we live in a materialistic world and money is essential for us if we want to live a “normal” life. In her essay “Does Money Buy Happiness?” Haseeb began by saying “Let me take you to the wonderful world called “The Billionaire’s Club”. Several mansions, vacation homes, private jets, lavish parties, flowing champagne and caviar, ever- increasing social circle – Lifestyle of the rich and famous! You would think they are the happiest in the world – Think again!” Think again? Why? Parties, mansions, no worries… that life sounds amazing! I would definitely be happy! Well, let us actually see what “happiness” means; happiness is defined as a “state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.” Given this definition, I disagree with Haseeb and believe that money can in fact buy happiness in a sense that it puts pressure on the children from wealthy families to succeed, it allows us to spend time with loved ones, and it grants us the opportunity to do whatever we want in our lives. Some people may argue that if we provide lavish lifestyles for our children we may ruin their future. People believe that these children that come from wealthy families grow up to be spoiled, overindulged and will never amount to anything; however this is not the case. With such successful parents, there is a lot of pressure put on their

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