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1. Okonkwo takes his family to his motherland because it is somewhere safe outside of Umuofia. He had to flee from his home town, Umuofia, because a boy was killed when his gun exploded near him and Okonkwo was banished for seven years. The clans people burned down all the buildings on his property, demolished his red walls, and killed his animals. Okonkwo falls into a deep despair because he was close to getting the highest title in the land and becoming a lord. He transcends from being extremely important to being low ranked and hardly known. He lost all his land which took him many years to gain. The news of Okonkwo’s despair spreads through the clan and Uchendu, Okonkwo’s uncle, does not appreciate it. Uchendu tells Okonkwo that he should not be in despair about coming to his motherland because children go to their mothers for safety and Okonkwo came to his motherland for safety and should not despair and be depressed. He should allow himself to be comforted by coming to his motherland rather than being weighed down by sorrow. 2. The plot of Things Fall Apart and its main character are like the Western Tragedy and tragic hero. The main character Okonkwo is the tragic hero and because of a flaw in his personality he is doomed; his flaw is pride. Okonkwo holds a high status in his community and is respected, he has a good life. Adhering to the Western Tragedy outline a reversal affects Okonkwo which is the white man coming into the towns and spreading their religions. Okonkwo’s flaw sparks the fear of not being able to rule the community and have the same respect as what he did before the new religion. In the end his flaw causes his death, because he will not stoop down to the Christians and he commits suicide. This story is unlike the Aristotelian model because Okonkwo never realizes what is happening to him. 3. The Abame clan was wiped out

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