Monarchy Schmonarchy Essay

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Monarchy Schmonarchy Over the world, there are several countries which are ruled by a king or queen. The Netherlands is one of those monarchies, with queen Beatrix as its monarch. It is a fact that many people feel it is a part of our traditions, but the main question is: is monarchy the best system to govern a country? Monarchy is not the best system and should therefore be abolished. Firstly, it is highly unfair that the monarch is not chosen by the public, or even chosen at all. The queen is queen because she was born so. Inevitably, the monarch is not the most suitable for the position. It says in the constitution that every person is equal, so it is odd that this does not count for the monarch. Being the head of the country is a very important job and there is no doubt that there are others who have more qualities than the current monarch. Elections would ensure that the best man or woman would Secondly, the monarchy in The Netherlands cost the people a lot of money. Each year the dutch tax payers have to pay 45 million euro in total to finance everything that has to do with the queen and her obligations. The queen travels all over the world for state visits, the royal family have castles which need to be maintained, they also have staff which have to be paid. Another example is the wedding between the crownprince Willem-Alexander and princess Máxima. This deal alone has cost us one and a half million euro. These things significantly add up and the dutch people have to pay for it. Abolishing the monarchy would save the country a lot of money. Thirdly, the monarch has too much power. The royals are inviolable for instance. Every person is judged equally in The Netherlands, except for the queen and her family. They could therefore what ever they like. This is not tolerable. Also, queen Beatrix has the task to appoint the candidate prime minister,
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