Mommy, I Want a Salad; Here’s a Steak for You, Jack! Essay

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Food can be defined as nutritional support for the body to produce energy, stimulate growth and maintain life. Historically, food was consumed for survival purposes. Today, the intake of food can be seen to be dependent on cultural and social differences. As the demands of people grow, the variety of food choice becomes more prominent. The intimate act of eating also remains as one’s main material interaction with the physical world. Deliciously Singaporean Singapore is a cosmopolitan city where different types of food are readily available due to its unique history. Rich migrant settlements allowed physical boundaries of various countries to fade and bridged the gap between contrasting food habits. In this city-state, preferences in food consumption are tightly knit to an individual’s identity. This can be attributed to the existence of various cultural and racial groups which affects how a Singaporean identity is moulded. However, what remains interesting is the idea of gender playing an integral role in one’s food choice. An Appetizer In “Men, meat, and marriage: Models of masculinity”, Jeffrey Sobal attributes gender to particular foods, allowing eating masculine or feminine food to become semiotic. As proven by the article, the intensity of a man’s emotions can be felt from Sobal’s choice of words. They include “consummate”, “exemplar of maleness” and hypermasculinize” (2005: Page 137). Indeed, it seems the perception that men can survive on meat alone is popular. Although meat is commonplace in today’s society, research sometimes view it as an unusual food choice, or a different preference as compared to other food items due to its uniqueness in preparation and presentation (Kimura, Wada and Dan, 2011). Men are thus perceived to be more adventurous. As compared to women, men are also the ones that more often actualize their consumption for unique food

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