Moments In American History

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Defining Moments in American History Christina McDaniel History Professor Kristina Nelson August 31, 2013 Defining Moments in America History There are many defining moments in American history, and there is not just one or two that has shaped who we are as a nation or how we have become a great nation in the eyes of the world. The years looked at throughout this paper have to do with historical turning points between the Reagan Revolution through the election of President Obama. There are so many important turning point that it is hard to just pick two of them. In the 1980’s America was introduced to an epidemic that would forever change how people and relationships. The epidemic has brought about awareness in the effect of different…show more content…
Without this authorization, any military activity against another country is illegal. There are two exceptions to this law: one is that, if your nation has been subjected to an armed attack by another nation, you may respond militarily in self-defense. The condition were not by the 9/11 attacks, however, because they were not carried out by another nation. Afghanistan did not attack the United States, and therefore this was not why the United States should have gone to war. Indeed, the 19 men charged with the crime were not Afghans. The other exception occurs when one nation has certain knowledge that an armed attack by another nation is imminent – too imminent to bring the matter to the Security Council. Although the US government claimed that its military operations in Afghanistan were justified by the need to prevent a second attack, this need, even if real, was clearly not urgent, as shown by the fact that the Pentagon did not launch its invasion until almost a month later. Many explanations were offered by the president, from thwarting weapons of mass destruction to disrupting an alleged alliance between Iraq and Al Qaeda, to saving the Iraqi people from tyranny. The surge of U.S. military forces did reverse the Taliban military momentum in Afghanistan’s south. Many middle-level Taliban commanders have been…show more content…
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