Moments Change Essay

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Fernandez 1 Alex Fernandez Professor Coury English 90 February 9, 2014 Word Count: Split Second Difference In the documentary “From Moment to the Next,” Herzog encourages our society to be better drivers. The short clip preached not to text and drive, for it leads to unwanted death or harm. No one would want to live with that weight on their shoulders. It can bring grief to someone else’s family by hurting their loved ones. In the film a lot of families were devastated and confused by why someone would be so careless to have their phone out while driving a motor vehicle. All the murders going on involving texting and driving is making people realize how serious of a thing is. That’s why this video was produced, to help better and protect our society from texting accidents. This video had ma thinking about how our society is so glued to our cell phones. It causes deaths all around the world. I agree with the documentary on every level, with how texting and driving needs to stop. The task is so simple, yet people still tend to text and drive. The one thing I hope is that people stop texting and driving before they kill someone then realize it was a bad idea. We are given this great opportunity in life called driving, I don’t understand how we abuse it and pick up a cell phone while behind the wheel. It doesn’t matter the age of the person texting either. My friends dad was texting and driving on his way to work. While he wasn’t looking at Fernandez 2 the road, he hit a jogger. He was texting and hit him in the cross walk. He rolled a stop sign while looking down at his phone. The man was fine, some bruised ribs and a slight concussion. Long story short, no one should be texting and driving, it’s not safe or smart. Works Cited From One Moment to the Next. Dir. Werner Herzog. AT&T.
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