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Museum of Modern Art While visiting the Museum of Modern Art not only was I able to see the Inventing Abstraction exhibition. In this exhibit I saw a number of different works of art created by many different artists including painters, sculptors, poets, composers, photographers and filmmakers. These artists created different works of art using different mediums making them their own unique work. Throughout the exhibit there were three pieces that caught my eye. All three of these works of art were created by Dieter Roth and all had to deal with food. Also going through the Museum of Modern Art, I was able to view all different kinds of modern art from impressionism all the way to pop art. Being able to see all of these works of art in person allowed me to have both a better understanding and a better appreciation for modern art. Impressionist paintings capture the reality of nature. The artist uses bright colors with short, thin brushstrokes. An example of an impressionist painting that was in the museum is Monet’s Water Lilies. When looking at Monet’s Water Lilies in the exam, you are able to see Monet’s use of short, thin brushstrokes, which is common in impressionist art. Also, when looking at this painting quickly, the use of bright colors against a dark background make the water lilies look as if they are actually moving. Post Impressionism is known for its vivid colors and thick application of paint. Also in post impressionist art, the artist paints real life subject matter while also focusing on geometric shapes. An example of post impressionism is Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night. When looking at this painting you can see the thickness of paint, almost as if van Gogh just sat there globing paint onto the canvas. The Starry Night has very bold blues and yellows throughout the painting. Also in the painting there is a small village in

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