Mom vs Mom Essay

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The dictionary defines a mother as a female parent or a woman in authority, but how do we as society define a mother? Is she the person that gives birth to a child or the person that raises the child? What is a good mother? Is she the homemaker, the woman that keeps her house in order and her children tended to? Or is she the hardworking career woman that works to provide her child with every opportunity possible? It is often debated whether a woman’s place is at home with her children. So when a child suffers educationally or emotionally people quickly attribute the problem to a busy mother not meeting the needs of her main priority, but is that really a true statement? Every mother’s ultimate goal is to make sure her child’s needs are met whether she’s a stay at home mother or a career oriented mother. Women have always been held higher in expectations than men, when it comes to parenting. Men are often looked at as the provider, while women are the care-givers and the parent that exposes her child to different things. In 1963Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique, this book discussed the “silent problem about women questioning whether being a mother and housewife was all there was to life.” In this book she also discussed that women with “college education were not allowed to use their knowledge in the workplace, but that they were groomed to be assets too their husbands.” (Jones 2014 p.3) This created the society we live in now, women in generations ahead of us groomed us to be women to stay home and provide a stable home for our husbands. However, why are we judged for not wanting to work and be good mothers? In the United States when tragedies happen and a murderer is convicted the very first thing the media looks into is the child’s early life. What was the breaking point to allow this child to result to this? If the mother was a stay at home parent she
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