Mom to Mom Essay

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Most of us, the male parents, go through life comfortably, without being conscious of the innumerable tasks our spouses are involved in, raising our children and taking care of their households. Many of us men are still dwelling in the privileges and legacy of our male-dominated cultural norms and practices. If we seriously observe and account the daily tasks and responsibilities of mothers, they are many and varied, as compared with those of fathers, when it comes to the unparalleled obligations and challenges of raising decent children. Recent research indicated that married women with young children work more hours, ranging from 14 to 16 hours per day, than married men who work not more than 4 to 6 hours a day. Women play the role of mothers, spouses, and workers (or farmers). Mothers are involved in many tasks of the household such as raising the children, meeting the demands of their spouses, and, nowadays, they have even become the bread-winners in single-family households. Men think that a father’s role is only that of a provider and consequently struggle with the role of fathering, particularly in a father-to-daughter relationship. They do not even instruct their sons about being fathers let alone instruct their daughters to be mothers. Every father of us, unfortunately, has to find his own way, or from members of our community, in being a good parent in order to effectively collaborate with his spouse in raising their children. The extent to which a father can give to his child, very much depends on what he can receive from his relationship with his spouse. In fact, we all have to take the time to teach ourselves or learn from our spouses to be real fathers, especially the fathers of our daughters. It is a constant state of learning for the fathers and has become involved with the spouses in the interpersonal responsibilities at home. Mothers have a

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