Molly Eddings Case Study

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Molly Eddings has a gift that not many rising college freshman have quite developed. She has a tremendous spirit of perseverance and determination that has come from many years of struggling with a language-based learning difference that we commonly refer to as dyslexia. Learning has never been easy for Molly. Unfortunately, one of the struggles that bright children with dyslexia face is that oftentimes their gifts mask their challenges during the early years of school. In Molly’s case, her strong vocabulary, her enthusiastic personality, her quick wit, and eagerness to do try whatever her teachers asked her to do, masked the internal struggles that she was experiencing with learning. Molly and her mother knew that something was not right. After trying tutoring and other interventions, her mother and teachers noticed that she still seemed to have an unusually difficult time with learning despite a positive attitude and a wonderful base of instruction. Consequently, she was recommended for a complete educational assessment to help uncover her learning strengths and challenges. Following this evaluation, she was recommended for a unique program for students with learning differences. Molly entered the Key School, a school within-a-school at the current school she was attending, Carolina Day School to receive…show more content…
Molly announced, “I am not coming to Key!” My response, “Give us week and let’s see if you change your mind about our program; then let’s talk again.” Molly very quickly embraced the Key School program and began to realize that with new tools and strategies, she could be a successful learner. It was quite amazing to watch her step up to be a very strong leader within her class; at the end of the year she announced to me that she wanted to give a speech at our End-of-the Year Celebration program. Although no student had ever done this, I
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