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English Composition 1 Mold Bay 1 It’s 1:55 p.m.- time to clock in to work. As I walk in to the building making my way to the time 2 clock, a wall of heat just engulfs my body. It’s as if I had just opened the door to an oven that 3 has been cooking at 400 degrees for a couple of hours. It almost takes my breath away. As I 4 reluctantly make my way to the mold bay, I glance at all the tires that will be coming my way to 5 be put in the molds, and I think to myself this has to be the most miserable job I have ever had. 6 As I finally get to the mold bay, the first thing I do at the beginning of every shift is make a list 7 of the tires that were loaded on dayshift that I will have to pull out of the molds. The guy on day 8 shift normally loads about seven tires a day in the main bay, but we also have to keep up with 9 the grader bay tires. There are normally five or six of those in the mold and usually a dozen 10 laying in the floor. After I make my list, I do my walk through, which consists of going through 11 and checking the air pressure and the steam temperature on every tire that is in the mold. 12 After my walk through I put on my mold bay gloves and start loading or pulling tires, which 13 ever needs to be done first- usually pulling tires because the day shift guy is pretty lazy. He is 14 always behind when I come in. Somehow he always comes up with an excuse when I get 15 there. No matter how far behind he is, he always finds a way to disappear for about an hour 16 and a half or until its time for him to go home. Once I get caught up pulling the tires that he 17 should have already pulled, I’ll start loading the ones that have been laying in the floor all day 18 that probably should have been loaded by now.

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