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Mold Some good, some bad, but all of them have the same name, mold. From common types like fungi, to the more rare ones like, black mold. Mold grows in different ways. It grows in the light, dark, heat, cold, dry air, and cold air. You can find mold in your house, your yard, even your car if you leave food in there. Mold can grow anywhere that has the few things it needs to survive like warm air, moisture, and a food source. So basically it needs to eat, drink, and breathe. Just like people. Here are some reasons why mold can be bad. Some people are allergic to mold. If you are allergic and you get mold in your house you are in trouble. Houses contain moist air, and food that mold needs. Mold can also grow in-between walls and destroy your house from the inside out. Some molds are poisoness like certain fungi, black mold, toxic mold, mildew. If inhaled or ingested they can make you sick and even kill you. An estimated five percent of hospitalizations and deaths occur with accidental mold inhaling/consuming. Some mold can be good like since fungi is a mold than mushrooms are mold. So if you find the right mushrooms they are edible. Mold can be edible and is used in cooking every day. There are moldy cheeses that are edible. Mold is used in medicine, food and drinks and it can't harm you unless you are allergic. Penicillin is made from mold. Even beer had mold in it. Every one of all ages consume mold all the time like it's not there. But it is. For the science fair I have done and experiment to see if mold grows faster in the light and heat or in the cold and dark. The way I am growing it is in a plastic bag with a bagel inside. One bag is in a dark cabinet in a cold room. One bag is at a window with the shade open and it is next to the heater. They have not moved for five weeks. The mold in the bag in the

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