Molarity Of Zinc Sulfate

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The purpose of the experiment was to do a solution, which molarity is 0.20 mol/l, from water and an ionic compound. Our ionic compound was zinc sulfate (ZnSO4). Our task was to make one hundred milliliters (100 ml) of the solution. Materials To execute the experiment we used the following equipment: - a beaker - a volumetric flask - a plastic spoon - a scale - a pipette - a funnel - a cork cap We also used solid zinc sulfate (ZnSO4), and distilled and deionized water to make the solution. Calculations To figure out the amount of zinc sulfate that we had to add to the water, so that the molarity of the solution would be 0.20 g/mol, we did the following steps: First we calculated the amount of the zinc sulfate to add in moles. To do that we multiplied the concentration (c) of zinc sulfate with the total volume (V) of the solution. The answer was amount of zinc sulfate to add in moles (n).…show more content…
To do that we had to count the molar mass (M) of zinc sulfate. Then we multiplied the amount of zinc sulfate in moles with the molar mass. Then the answer was the mass (m) of the zinc sulfate to add in grams. M(ZnSO4) = (65.38 + 32.06 + 4 x 16.00) g/mol = 161.44 g/mol n (ZnSO4) = 0.02 mol M (ZnSO4) = 161.44

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