Mohawk Rebellion Case Study

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Recent Canadian ethnic conflict history was the rebellion of the Mohawks at Oka in 1990 which constituted a major challenge to the government of Quebec as well as the federal government. It marked the first use of the Canadian military in a domestic rebellion since the troubles surrounding the FLQ crisis in 1970. So furious were some civilians at the Natives that rocks were thrown at Native children and the elderly, with suggestions of vigilante action against the Mohawks. For 78 days in the summer of 1990 Mohawk warriors engaged in an armed standoff with the Quebec police and the Canadian army. This incident arose over land claims: a decision was made to expand the golf course at Oka and this involved land the Mohawk peoples of the Kanesatake…show more content…
Martin at the time revealed the dollar amount Ottawa was intending to pay to compensate the town for the “missed development opportunity and for the disputed land.” Ottawa offered $ 1.4 million for 27 hectares of disputed land plus another $2.5 million to the town of Oka. Another $1.2 million for 12 hectares was offered to Maxime-Maurice Rousseau, “[which] had been slated for residential development.” That meant that the federal government had to pay over $ 5 million for the land that it planned to turn over to the Mohawk as part of their claim…show more content…
They carry on in their separate directions secure in the agreement and eager to continue. Separately but together they have reached a positive peace and trustful environment that will allow both to occupy the same place at the same time without surrender, without subservience … within the context of the nation state of Canada, Indians seek to affirm their humanity in the freedom to deliver the needs of their people … that the Indians existed as autonomous nations at the time of the treaties, were equal signatories to them and remain sovereign entities in 1990 fully capable of determining and delivering those services and need of [their] people ‘in conjunction and trust’ with the governments of the

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