Mohandas Gandhi: Winning India’s Independence

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Gandhi had great determination to make a difference in the world by influencing others of his beliefs of non-violence, a determination so strong that he acquired great things for India. He had also helped many others across the world with his beliefs. Martian Luther King Jr.; a known leader was very captured with Gandhi’s use of non-violent protesting and actually used this concept (Rosenburg, internet). Through his use of non-violent beliefs Mohandas Gandhi became a strong leader who promoted equality and peace that led his home country to freedom. Mohandas Gandhi’s ways of life and beliefs had to begin with his own life. Gandhi was born October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, India (Paston, 7-8). Gandhi wasn’t very social and did average in his schooling, but he was obedient. Although he wasn’t always a perfect child, Gandhi did try eating meat, smoking, and stealing, but afterwards regret fell over him. Gandhi’s father died while he was still in school and was married at the age of 13 making so Gandhi learned great responsibility early (Rosenburg, internet). During the time when Gandhi’s life was taken place his country did not have its own independence and there was great violence in the world. Seeing how people acted and treated one another Gandhi started to gain his beliefs of non-violence. His mother being and early influence on him with her great beliefs of religion and fasting to clear one’s mind Mohandas Gandhi’s mother played a role in his life that would leave a print on who he would later become (Paston, 18). His religion had and influence on how Gandhi thought and believed as well. Mohandas Gandhi practiced Hinduism and was considered a devout. Simple living also being a part of Gandhi’s life he would make his own clothes, refrain from eating meat, and fast for self purification and it all showed his commitment towards his beliefs of

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