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Organizational Culture Mohan Adavi Cardinal Stritch University MBA500MBAL090026 Sep 14 2014 Any Organization or group with a stable membership and history of shared learning will have developed some level of culture. A formal definition of culture: 1. A pattern of shared basic assumptions 2. Invented, discovered, or developed by a given group 3. As it learns to cope with its problems of external and internal integration 4. That has worked well enough to be considered valid 5. Is to be taught to new members of the group 6. Correct way to perceive, think and feel in relation to those problems James Heskett of Harvard Business School says, “A strong culture can help or hurt performance. Culture can account for up to half of the difference in operation profit between two organizations in the same business. Shaping a culture is one of a leader’s most important jobs” Organization culture is not formed accidently. Founder of an organization plays important role in organization culture. Firms are established by entrepreneur’s visions and new solution for problems. Founders will have their own ideas for their enterprise. Based on the ideas, founder brings one or more people as core team who have same vision. Group creates organization, which brings partners and employees. Founders usually have a major influence in how the situation is handled to solve its problem for surviving and growing. Founder usually has their own notion, based on their own cultural history and personality to get their ideas implemented Founders assume, new member or leaders come into the group will adopt group culture. Schein, H. E. Reframing organizational culture: Part1. Example: Jones Food Company; how did founder influence organization culture. Jones had his own culture learned from his parents. He

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