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Andre’ Soussan Ancient World Lit. Anything is Possible with a Hand from the Gods In the Iliad Book XXIV by Homer, the hero Achilles talk about The almighty and powerful Gods giving human mortals blessings as well as giving them curses: “There are two great jars that stand on the floor of Zeus’s halls and hold his gifts, our miseries one, the other blessings.” For Achilles the Gods are a continuing source of assistance and aid for the hero in all of his endeavors. They provide him with such things as weapons and armor, as well as help him perform nearly impossible tasks. Also they will literally come down from Olympus and come to his aid. However some of the other characters are not so lucky. The Gods forsake some mortals with horrible ailments and disfigurements. Where they help some people to survive, others they mercilessly allow to die without a second thought. Priam experiences this with the loss of his son, Hector the Breaker of Horses. Whatever they say goes and if anyone were to defy their wishes they would be punished severely, however if they were to please the Gods, great fortune and other marvelous things may be in their future. Throughout the Iliad we see many examples of both blessings and miseries for many of the characters, and even some mixed blessings. Even though Achilles is a hero he does not always receive gifts from the Gods’. Sometimes he receives an ill blessing, with the death of his closest friend Patroclus. During the heat of battle Patroclus kills Zeus’s son Sarpedon along with many other Trojan warriors. This sends Zeus into a rage and completely disregards Achilles’s wishes for Patroclus to return home form battle safe and sound. I believe that the heroes do not merely act in character, but at the God’s direction. Their emotions such as rage, jealousy, and anger, compel them to do awful things to the mortals on Earth. It was not

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