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Mugenflopper Mugenflopper is a special type of sub-spacecraft. It is built by using the modern technology based on extreme engineering. In fact, it is an emergency device that is carried out in a spacecraft. It can be used in any emergency situation like breaking down of the spacecraft, crisis of fuel etc. The name ‘Mugenflopper’ sounds like a name of a spacecraft but infact, it is a rescuing device that contain all the rescuing elements like first aid, medicines, fuel, and other repairing devices. Therefore, Mugenflopper may be defined as a advanced sub-spacecraft that increases the efficiency of a spacecraft by increasing its flying power, repairing it and refueling it during the critical situations. One of the main reasons for carrying Mugenflopper in the spacecraft is, it contains all the equipments and tools that are required for the repair of the spacecraft. Moreover, it contains the essential medicines and first aid that might be required during the long journey. It is also very easy to carry inside the spacecraft as its size is portable. In case of any damage to the spacecraft, simply it can be used and take the spacecraft back to the normal condition. For instance, we people also carry tool box in our car for any emergency situation. Mugenflopper is an automatic device that is controlled by using the simple instruction in a super computer. Similarly, it also detects any damage on the spacecraft and repairs it automatically. In this way, Mugenflopper helps to keep the spacecraft in the good condition and save from the any critical accident. Next important feature of Mugenflopper is, it can be used as a source of fuel. As we know that aliens are those people, who like traveling long distance and doing researches on other planets, so Mugenflopper can be the best equipment that they must carry with them in the spacecraft during the long journey. The most
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