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Module One What Is Hypnosis Essay

  • Submitted by: Hales1280
  • on October 14, 2012
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What is hypnosis?

I want to explain ‘What is hypnosis?’ using my own thoughts and also from information I’ve gained from the required reading and the internet. I want to describe the psychological aspects and also the physical aspects of hypnosis and the role of relaxation in Hypnotherapy. I will be discussing how to work with a client and how hypnosis can be a pleasant and calm experience for them.
To most people I have spoken to about hypnosis their reaction to it is ‘what a load of nonsense’, ‘I find it strange’, ‘mumbo jumbo’ and ‘just weird’, my first reaction was also negative ‘well it does sound strange and I don’t believe it works, I think I will find it very uncomfortable’. With all these different reactions I don’t find it strange at all that they feel this way, it is completely understandable. I believe this is because to most people it is the unknown. There are lots of myths and stories that are related to hypnosis. The history is full of scientists that have been supported then banished or hounded to death. You can watch hypnosis being performed in films, on television or first hand and the belief that the client being hypnotised is aware and awake, but sometimes pretending for the audience is formed. This is mainly because of stage hypnosis, being dramatised for TV and not to help people through the process of hypnosis in therapy. The fact that people cannot see what’s happening as it is a very personal experience makes hypnosis a difficult thing to explain and measure as something scientific. For some people they will enjoy the experience and have found the therapy to have helped them, whether that was to stop the client smoking or with weight loss. For some they will just find the process relaxing but not enough to feel any noticeable difference to there every day state of mind. Hypnosis is used everyday day by many athletes in the form of self hypnosis in aid to their training. This is taken from a website supporting hypnosis...

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