Module 5 - Discuss the Possible Presenting Symptoms

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Portfolio Task : Module 5 485 Words Student No: 14052702 Discuss the possible presenting symptoms after a hard knock on the leg in the area behind the knee? The possible symptoms presenting by a patient that could result from a hard knock on the leg in the area behind the knee are swelling due to the escape of blood from damaged blood vessels next to the area of the injury, rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, damage to the synovial membranes, torn menisci, fractures or collateral ligament sprains. It is probable that the patient will have acute pain but this could be eased by resting but will reappear once activity or movement is started again. The patient will describe a feeling of weakness, aching or stiffness, which at times may be sharp and quite severe. When the case history is taken, the patient will remember a particular time that may have caused the injury. Injury resulting from a hard knock on the leg in the area behind the knee could occur in sports such as football and rugby and as well as the possible damage to the areas mentioned in first paragraph, bruising and damage to the gastronomies and soleus muscles may also occur. Depending on the severity of the hit to the posterior of the knee it could cause many symptoms. There could be a bruised or swollen knee. There may be limited movement or maybe very painful. The person may limp or be unable to bear weight. Tendon or the sheath around a tendon becomes inflamed and the sufferer gets a excruciating pain. There is a build up of excessive fluid in the synovium (membrane in the knee capsule). This may also indicate towards an underlying condition. Such fluid build up can be blood or increased secretion form the symposium as a reaction to some type of inflammation or overuse. To conclude, there are number of symptoms in case of hard knock in the leg but

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