Module 11 the Right to Die Essay

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Module 11 Right to Die Medical Law and Ethics This case is about this woman named Nancy Cruzan was injured in a car accident in which, she was left in a vegetative state. The only thing that was keeping her alive was a feeding tube. The family left it in for about 6 months, hoping that her vegetative state would improve and they could take their daughter home. But once they saw that their little girl wasn’t improving, they told the hospital to take the feeding tube out and let their daughter die and be at peace. The state then ordered the hospital to keep it in so that they can have a trial in which the family had to prove this is what Nancy Cruzan would have wanted if she was able to make the decision for herself. The court wasn’t interested in the Quality of Life. They’re only interest was life and Nancy Cruzan could live up to 30 years of that on the feeding tube although she couldn’t move, respond, or basically have a normal life. Her general life was over. She couldn’t do anything. Physically, she couldn’t move. Mentally, she couldn’t think. Basically, everything that she is, was, is gone. She can’t read a book, go out, hang out with friends, kiss her husband, anything. If she can’t do any of the things that she did before, what life that was her could be living? She’s not. Her body is basically a shell that used to contain her soul and charisma. In my opinion, this opinion is far from ethical. This woman’s is dead. The only thing here is her body, a shell of her former self. And in addition, her family is literally watching their daughter waste away. Have to keep going through this instead of being able to put their daughter to rest and finally, the parents and daughter both, be at peace. It’s wrong. This was a touch and go basis where the court stepped into a case that should not have concerned them at all. And their argument and

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