Module 1 Post-Assessment

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Module 1 Post-Assessment For the following ten questions, please write your answers in complete sentences, giving examples and details where appropriate. Save your work, and submit it using the instructions on the course page. 1. When gathering information for research, why is it important to evaluate the currency of information and its source? It’s has to be up to date for the information to be current and regularly maintain 2. When gathering information for research, why is it important to evaluate the author’s purpose in providing the information? it’s important because determining the author’s porpose is how to determine if there is real risk of bias 3. Take a few minutes to evaluate the website,…show more content…
Dependent Clause How do you know? Because it does not express a complete thought 7. I was lost until I met you. Is the above sentence simple, compound, complex, OR compound-complex? simple How do you know? It states a complete thought. 8. The History of Music Explain why the following topic might NOT be a good choice for a high school research paper, and then explain HOW you could improve upon it. The reason it will not be a good research paper because it need to be narrowed down a little more. It’s not specific about what kind of music. 9. What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? In 2-3 sentences, explain how the above “skinny” question can lead to a “fat” question, including at least one example of a related “fat” question. You would only have to write the medical definition to explain what it means. But if you wanted to find out more about post-traumatic stress disorder like symptoms, how to fix it and who is at risk then that will lead to your fat question. An example of a fat question: What are the symptoms of PTSD? 10. Obesity in the 21st Century Write two “fat” questions for the research topic above. How do you define “ healthy” eating and “regular”
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