Modist Proposal Essay

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So i have this proposal to do away with this god forsaken English class that we dread going to ever single day, what is the point to sit in a class to learn the language you speak we ask, it’s not to learn our ABC's those were learned in Kinder garden. I don't think it’s to learn to spell that had to of been what first through fifth grade? How about maybe just to keep us up to date on the most current grammar or slang, that's defiantly not it. Teachers in every grade ask us daily how is it so hard for you to take a class when you speak the language, well you see teachers the language we speak now days is composed of one word, A shortened everything from a word to entire sentences to even our paragraphs. If there wasn't a problem with that lingo i think teachers wouldn't have the problem of just letting papers and essays written that way. I think teachers want us to take English so we can write countless dumb papers and give huge test grades on them so we can all fail! Or how about those billion word essays, about a person that has been dead for decades? What good does it do to learn about things that happened that long ago isn't that the point of history class...? I believe without a English class maybe kids would try a little harder toward that foreign language we are supposed to take, isn't that why we have them. Without this class there will no longer be the excuse i had to much homework, English is probably the only homework i have as a senior. Don't even get me started on vocabulary I mean really vocabulary that you will use maybe once in my life time? Have you ever had the English teacher that tells you, common how hard is it to write a 700 word paper, “It’s so easy a caveman can do it”? Doesn't that just remind you of those stupid Geico commercials? If it’s so easy then why didn't that caveman have to take twelve years of an English class... I propose to do

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