Modified Lives Essay

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As time has passed technology has become a bigger part of our lives. No longer do we interact like we used to, such as holding conversations on the phone. Texting has taken over. Calling people is something from the past, as technology keeps advancing new forms of communication will be available. Making it more convenient for some people, but not all have adapted to the modern day technology and still find it difficult to manage it. Keeping in contact with friends and family has gotten anything but easier, loosing contact with friends and family is long gone with the new ways of staying connected; loosing contact with friends makes it almost impossible. As technology keeps advancing so does communication. Technology has impacted society in a positive way by improving the lifestyles of many people. Technology has done everything to improve the lifestyle of people. Technology has made it easier for people to keep in contact with friends, family and loved ones. It has never been easier to communicate with loved ones now that technology is so advanced, and so handy. Jessie Hempel and Paula Lehman authors of “The MySpace Generation” discuss how generations are being more and more dependent on the social networks. “As the first cohort to grow up fully wired and technologically fluent, today’s teens and tweentysomethings are flocking to websites like Buzz-Oven as a way to establish their social identities” (209). As new generations are being brought up with the internet being at the palm of their hand making social networks as their central socializing place. Social networks and blogs such as Facebook and Twitter get the job done when it comes to staying connected with friends and family. Not only can people message each other through websites or emails, but now people can have conversations via web cams viewing one another from anywhere in the world. Technology has
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