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“A Modest Proposal” For Preventing Smokers from Contaminating the Air with Deadly Toxins and Causing Second Hand Smoke upon the Innocent Public Contaminated air is among the many fears that the innocent public must confront in order to attempt a healthy and long living life. Naive children occasionally saunter down the street unknowingly passing by men and women smoking the typical cigarette. Tobacco does not only affect the consumer, but it also partakes in the lives of the surrounding inhabitants that inhale the same toxins. Smokers have a gruesome and egotistic view on life that results in no consideration for the purity of a person’s body. The negligence that tobacco consumers demonstrate by smoking wherever and whenever results in 443,000 deaths per year, including 49,000 of whom had never smoked, but second hand smoke took advantage over them. There is a solution for everything; therefore there must be a reasonable proposal that would solve the issue of tobacco consumers. In order to take grasp of the situation that smokers present and fully halt further corruption, there has to be extreme precautions taken. The transferring of all smokers to one island can solve the epidemic of indirect deaths. The island would be located in the middle of the ocean, away from society, which would disallow any contamination of air that the innocent inhabitants would most likely inhale. If all smokers lived in one confined area like an island, it would be the foundation for a new world. The island would be paradise for a smoker that would not have any concern or anxiety about restrictions or laws. Not only would there be a place of bliss for smokers, but the world as a whole would benefit greatly from the absence of smokers. There are many logical reasons on why the suggestion of a private island for smokers would benefit society. If tobacco consumers lived on an island,

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