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Perhaps one of the biggest global movements of the modern era is the one of fighting back against the damage done by global warming on our atmosphere. Excess amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere from air pollution is creating a different weather pattern, effect of sunlight and solar energy, and melting rate of the polar ice caps. Much time and energy has been put in by many of the world’s top countries to attempt to stop the atmosphere from getting worse, and to keep the Earth as healthy as possible so that we as a species can continue to thrive. Rather than spend all of this unnecessary effort to simply stop the damage that has been done, we as a people need to understand that the more important task at hand is to find a way to reverse the negative outcomes of generations of pollution. Has no one thought to spend this valuable time to work on a solution to the problem? The solution at first eluded me perhaps because it is so simple and obvious. Why spend so much effort trying to stop damaging the atmosphere when we can just replace the atmosphere instead? When thinking honestly about what can be done, it makes the most sense to start off fresh. If you’ve ripped up a piece of paper, you don’t try in vain to continue writing on it; you go and get a new piece of paper to start anew on. It’s exactly the common sense that needs to be used. The best way to go about doing this is to find a way to remove the excessive amounts of ozone (O3) in the atmosphere. The production of ozone is created by oxygen and hv rays from the sun. The most preferable and simplistic option for depleting the amount of oxygen available, is by burning it off. When fire burns, it requires oxygen to keep going, and as long as there is still material to burn and oxygen to keep it going, the fire will continue. The first step to taking out the harmful toxins is to have as many global

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