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Sicely Lopez Mrs. Pike-Green English 12 28 October 2012 My Modest Proposal: Slow Texters I would like to introduce you to my modest proposal towards slow texters. Slow texters are the people that shouldn’t be even exist. They should go surround with people who are the same. What will we benefit from them? Do we really need them? If you are a fast texter, do we really need a slow texter in our lives? My biggest pet peeve is slow texters. I admit that I was a slow texter before but I become a way faster texter less than a week unlike some people in my life where they take forever to text. People will love you more and appreciate you more if you text faster like less than a minute or two depending on what they wrote in the text. First, people around the world have a phone. Phones are used for communication. Texting is the most useful thing people use than talking on the phone. They are some slow and fast texters. Slow texters are people who take forever to reply back. Fast texters are people who text right back in a minute or two. Most people who love to text love people who text really quick. Slow texters are just a waste of time in our lives and we get upset when it is someone who we really want to talk to them. Second, fast texters have feelings. Try to text at least a little more faster than you can. If you want a social life, do what I say. People will talk to you if you reply quick as you can. if you are busy, just tell the person who you texting ahead of time so they won’t get mad or not text you anymore. They will feel like you don’t want to talk to them or you are texting someone way better than them. Nobody wants to feel that way so do the right thing. Some people are different but you know who you will be texting, so do what make them happy if you want to continue to be in their lives. Finally, if you really don’t know how to text that fast

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