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Modest Mouse, Richard Dawkins, and Nihilism Music serves as a channel for expression of ideas, beliefs and values in our culture. Lyrics give rise to the debate of social and political issues, and allow musicians to cope with their own feelings on controversial issues by giving them a socially acceptable way to protest certain ideals. The songs of these artists both portray the feelings of the artists themselves and influence their listeners. Modest Mouse, a modern Indie band from Seattle, Washington, pushes boundaries and breaks norms through their unique instrumentals and their thought provoking lyrics. Isaac Brock, the lead singer and lyricist for the band, articulates life’s difficulties in a particularly insightful way. Modest…show more content…
Brock poses the question, if there is a God, why do all of these terrible things still happen? And why do we continue to pray if most of our prayers are never answered? Possibly the most clearly articulated presentation of this idea of the ineffectiveness of praying is in the song, “Bukowski”, where it is stated, “Nine times out of ten, Our hearts just get dissolved”. This suggests that people pray to God expecting something good to happen for them and having such high hopes, but almost never are their prayers answered which leaves them disappointed. In this same song, “Well, see what you want to see, you should see it all”, refers to Christians only seeing the good in God and only credit him when great things happening without acknowledging the bad things, such as disease and natural disaster, as being His fault. Religion puts blinders on people. In, “Parting of the Sensory”, the lyrics say, “We put all our chips in all the right spots but still lost” , which is another example of people praying and doing everything that the Christianity religion tells them is right but still are plagued with bad things in life. Another song representing this same idea is, “3rd Planet”, which says, “Your heart felt good , it was dripping pitch and made of wood. And your hands and knees felt…show more content…
He gives God human characteristics to denounce the image of Him being omnipotent and all-mighty. Suggesting that God was created in our own image, he suggests that God is not much better off than we are. Most of these songs Brock, although admittedly does not believe in God, assumes His existence in order to present flaws in both God and the belief of God. Just as George Carlin and Richard Dawkins, as mentioned previously, mocks God by calling him a “sky-fairy” and speaking about Him as just an ordinary guy that was created by people, Modest Mouse songs satirically represent God as fallible in many of their

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