Modes Of Instruction

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Accomplished teachers use numerous paths of knowledge to help students learn and strengthen understanding. Teachers know that students learn in various ways and use several modalities to comprehend information and exhibit knowledge. In order for teachers to meet these needs, they must use a variety of instructional strategies and methods to make sure that all students have equal opportunities to learn. These strategies or modes of instruction must vary according to the needs of the learners. In addition, these modes should help students to develop the life skills they need to survive later on in life. In order to figure out which mode of instruction is best, educators must first ask themselves “Best for what?” “What information do we have about learners, or what assumptions are we willing to make of them?” After answering these questions, they can decide which method is best. These modes of instruction are expository method, demonstration method, inquiry method and the individualized method. For instance, when teachers begin utilizing modes of instruction, one method they would use would be the expository mode. This method goes by the supposition that learners know little to nothing about the subject and that the task is a non-motor task. The expository mode provides careful guidance when needed, ensuring that every student comprehends the lesson or tasks given. It can also use media such as power point, videos, educational web-sites, or blogs among others in convincing ways. The expository method also shows the best of an expert teacher since this method tends to teach or address a large number of students and having all students understand is a difficult charge. Some examples of expository methods are formal/informal lectures, discussions, media presentations, and parables among others. The next method would be the demonstration mode which is more appropriately
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