Modernization and Dependency Theory

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There are many differences between rich and poor countries; no one country shares the same beliefs or ideas. Not every country was founded on the same thing or even allows certain things for that matter. Depending on where you go you will be confronted with different issues. Race or skin color may not play a part in the difference neither does the age of the country or available natural resources. It has a lot to do with the attitude of the people, framed along the years by the education & the culture. To make another assumption to this one must know what the two means. From my understanding modernization is basically when a country or countries move forward or upgrade on the way they usually do things such as; business farming, lifestyle, or agriculture etc. They put away traditional things traditional setting and lifestyle to adjust to something that could possibly bring them up or down. Or Modernization is the act of making something current. That is, bringing something from the past into the present. There does come a time when modernization is necessary and that when you’ve been doing something a certain way the same way all the time and you see no progress. Modernizing thing for some countries ethnicity or ages can be difficult. Another difference between poor countries and rich is that they both have different types of people with different mindsets, opinions background and personalities and morals. You have some people who might not want to conform to anything else but what they want or are used to having something a certain way for so long that they don’t want to learn new ways or ideas. They want it to be remembered by their kids, generation after generation. Some want to be different form other countries and be independent this doesn’t necessarily mean that they cant be independent
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