Modernism vs. Post-Modernism Essay

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Do you agree with the author that counselors are too “locked” in modernism and should become more postmodernism? After reading James Hansen’s journal article, I do agree with him that most counselors in today society are locked into modernism. But this is not a bad thing, because with modernism, the counselor is able to evaluate the patient as a whole. With modernism, the counselor will be able to help the individual understand that there are numerous perceptions of truth but there is only one true and exact actuality (Hansen, 2010). By looking at their client as a whole, the counselor will be able to advocate for the most successful therapy for the individual. What is your opinion of the Postmodernism assumption that the “self” and “identity” are socially constructed? I feel that there is some cogency with the notion that self and identity are socially constructed based on the atmosphere the individual may be in. If a person is in a negative and oppressive surrounding all the time, they will have a negative and oppressive outlook on life that will cause all types of issues with their self-image and their self-identity. This can also refer to “nature vs. nurture” because self-identity can be achieved by being nurtured by loved ones and encouraged in everyday life by people that love them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of viewing counselor professional identity as “created in individual practitioners by the demands of local counseling environments” (p. 104)? One of the advantages of viewing counseling professional identity and the demands on the counselor that that has experience in multicultural counseling is in high demand. The counselor that is an experienced multicultural bilingual individual will have greater job opportunities in the areas in the United States that has had a great explosion of the Hispanic and multicultural populations.

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