Modern World System

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Question #2 Modern world system theory focuses on relations between states within a country Modernization Theory- Max weber, culture values can affect economic development and prosperity. Must begin with change in values and attitudes that have perpetuated poverty. the idea was that help from rich nations in the form of outside investments and aid would lead these poor nations to go through a process of development or\and modernization just as the rich nations did one to two centuries ago. World society theory- says there are a limited number of models and principles that serve as templates for an individual actions on which all of these groups and institutions ae based off of. These global models form a world culture, which in turn, asserts the importance of culture and the development of a world culture. Does not have a central political apparatus and states are not the dominant actors. World culture facilitates networks of communications, associations, and organizations across societies over the globe, creating a world society. With no central governing authority, authority resides in the models themselves, which then penetrates and shapes social life. Whereas World system theory stresses the economy, the importance of individuals and associations over using the states as a driving forces of globalization. Dependency theory explains why non-industrialized countries failed to develop economically, even with investments from industrial countries. Dependency theory argues is that the world economic system is highly unequal in its distribution of power and resources and places most nations in a dependent position in relation to the industrial powers. As stated in Kerbo, less developed countries can be harmed and their economic development stunned by extensive foreign multinational corporate investment. It seems like it works out in the short run for the

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