Modern Visual Art, Modern Literature and Freud

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In today's modern art world, many people argue the fact that artists are simply creating bizarre pieces to get a lot of money. To others, modern art is just a subjective experience, no right or wrong and no good or evil, but it provokes a certain reaction within the individual. Any emotion, including hatred, is a reaction. Both Modern Visual Art and Modern Literature challenge the intellect and propose an alternative view of the world. Also, these two types of modern art give the artists freedom through abstract expression to convey their repressed emotions and basic desires. Therefore, modern artists evoke subjective and sensory impressions rather than re-creation of objective reality, because of the unsatisfying reality. In particular, Modern Art exponents address the philosophy of human nature and dynamics within the individual in a way that we can appropriate using the work of the great psychologist, Sigmund Freud. Modern Visual Art and Modern Literature have a lot in common with one another. Both are the most abstract art forms, and both have seen the most backlash, however what is intriguing here is that they both don’t represent reality. Modern Art vastly focuses upon the self and artistic self-expression. As a result, style innovates and transgresses. An example of Modern Visual Art is the painting by Duchamp, Nude Descending the Staircase, 1912 . On that particular piece of art, the viewer is exposed to an unclear image of a person. The patterns that appear are not easy to follow, and the motifs are unrepeated on purpose. This painting does not necessarily stimulate the imagination and the senses in a pleasurable way, thus it goes further and vastly challenges the viewer’s intellect. The painter creates allusion to movement and prolongs the time. He attempts to form motion from his own subjective perspective. Even though Duchamp reacts against
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