Modern Tragedies Deal With Issues Such As Material Essay

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Modern tragedies deal with issues such as materialism, consumerism, procrastination and alienation. To what extent does a dolls house show evidence of at least two of these issues and how does Ibsen present them? Ibsen has chosen to move away from classic tragedy where traditionally the tragic hero would make mistakes and thereby take their lives to compensate for their previous mistakes. Ibsen nearly does this towards the end when Nora is contemplating taking her life but doesn’t because of the realisation that it had never been her fault all along. Ibsen highlights and shows evidence of materialism, in this play materialism refers to the ownership of objects and people and also how one person can seek to need to own objects as part of their personality and the way that they have been raised. Ibsen also highlights the Issue of alienation in the play by showing what life can be like for women, as portrayed by Nora, and how they can feel alienated from society, being controlled by other people. Act three when Torvald finds the letters sent by Krogstad is the scene that sets the play apart from all other tragedies up until the time the play was released, because Nora doesn’t kill herself, Ibsen makes her stay alive and by doing this Ibsen has set it aside from classic tragedy as the usual redeeming feature of the tragic hero is death to make up for past misdeeds. This is also a key scene in the play showing Nora breaking free from the constraints of society and the alienation that society has not only caused Nora but all women of that period. Ibsen has chosen here to cause controversy in A Doll’s House when he sets Nora free from the alienating views of society that a woman’s place is in the home by her children and her husband. Up until this point in Nora’s life she had been owned by society’s values and opinions, for instance a woman’s place was to be in the

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