Modern Technology Make Us Lazy and Stupid Essay

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In a modern world driven solely by technology it appears that almost every aspect of our daily lives now rely on some form of technological means. The digital society we live in today surrounds us all with its brilliance, but it’s what it does to us inadvertently that may be a cause for concern. For one, we now live in total reliance of technology, from cars, to smart phones, home computers, or even our TV’s. Today, now more than ever, technology makes what were once difficult tasks now as simple as clicking a button, or speaking into a device. But does the fascinating digital world around us make us lazy? Does it make us stupid? While there may be a good number of ways to look at this phenomenon, I would like to point out a few important facts so you can judge for yourselves. Automated Software Programs Make us Stupid: For starters, automated or semi-automated software doesn’t require much human interaction, and in many cases doesn’t require much of any analytical thinking. When I was in college for information systems, I remember taking several web design courses in which we were taught to design websites using WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML editors, or semi automated web design programs, like Adobe Dreamweaver, or “Coffee Cup’s” HTML editor. With both programs building a website is as simple as dragging and dropping elements onto various parts of an interface, and clicking to type some text. The problem I saw with this approach to web design, is that, while making the process of designing functional sites simple, it also doesn’t give you the ability to fully understand the underlying technology you are working with, since you never actually type any code yourself. Today, its programs like HTML editors, WYSIWYG programs, as well as content management systems like Wordpress with its automated web design processes, that cause so called

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