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Running head: Modern Technology in Team Communication Billy Dunn University of Phoenix Modern Technology in Team Communication Most everyone would agree that modern technology, including email, cell phones, and text messages, has made it much easier to stay in touch with one another. But in this age of modern technology some people find that old-fashioned face-to-face communication keeps things running a lot more smoothly (Carol Daus, 2008). Emailing in communication In a day and age when e-mail has become such a dominant communication tool, old-fashioned staff meetings face to face have taken a greater importance (Carol Daus, 2008).This shows that although e-mail being what it is, communication in person far outweighs some of the benefits of having technology interfere with your personal communication. Building a rapport thru email is not established as effectively as in person or by phone. Facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice are all social cues that become missing thru e-mail (Carol Daus, 2008). Writing an e-mail sometimes does not provide the emotional state of the speaker as would a phone or person to person conversation. People can find themselves in a touchy situation by using email when there is the slightest hint of controversy (Carol Daus, 2008).Some people can be fooled into thinking that talking about sensitive subjects, that their tone of their writing would be viewed correctly (Carol Daus, 2008). Just because an e-mail is sent does not mean that the message will be read immediately. Not all people are the same about checking their emails. Some people check email several times a day and others may check two or three days later. Therefore if it is a time sensitive matter a personable conversation may be in order (Carol Daus, 2008). A new technology in e-mail that is catching on is mobile e-mailing thru smart


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