Modern Technology Essay

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Modern Technology Throughout the years of civilization and the history of man, technology has evolved and grown; however for something to evolve, things have to be changed. I believe some of the pieces technology has left are the most fundamental characteristics of humanity. Technology relieves most complications of daily life, but these advances have something close to disaster lying for us in the future. Now that mankind has reached the information age, our reliance on technology has never been more exaggerated. Adults wake up through alarm clocks, commute to work in cars, carry out their work with computers, and come home for televised entertainment all the time relying on technology. School children do roughly the same and this is the problem. Through the day the adults and children have almost no interaction. Children’s alarm clocks wake them up, microwaves feed them, the internet helps them with homework, and televisions entertain them. This is not how life once was. Parents woke kids, parents made breakfast, parents helped with homework, and parents engaged in activities with their children, they had so much more interaction then they have now. The biggest reason this is a problem is that knowledge is spread through social interactions between adults and children. Adults have experience and they pass down important life lessons to their children, but they fail to do so due to the fact that they do not even meet each other face to face. People argue that kids have all the knowledge on the internet, but this is merely information and not knowledge until one can apply them into the real world and then elaborate on that thought further. Parents show and teach children how to do this. This is also an example of how frighteningly dependent mankind has become on technology. On the path that society and technology is heading, we will be led to something Albert
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