Modern Technology Essay

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In these rapidly changing times, Modern technology has been booming and changed our surroundings. It is more and more commonly used in our lives. “Has modern technology made the world a better place?” has become a general debate in the society nowadays. There are lots of positive and negative influences of modern technology. Consequently, we can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of modern technology regarding these of the Internet and mobile phones. The main reason for advantage of the Internet is information. We can collect all kinds of information through the Internet. It can help widen our horizon and can help us keep pace with the fast changing world just by way of clicking a button. In addition, communication is essential reason why people choose the Internet. We are always using e-mail to keep in touch with others and accompanying development of the Internet, we can contact our friends more conveniently and efficiently. The third important advantage is entertainment. the entertainment of the Internet has become quite successful today, and we can download games visit chat rooms and just surf the Internet. Therefore, the Internet plays a positive role in our lives. On the other hand, no one can deny the fact that the Internet bas brought many sufferings for us. First and foremost, theft of personal information is the most serious problem of the Internet. That means you will face some people who steal your address ID number and credit card number illegally. Furthermore, virus disrupts the normal functioning of a computer system. Computers connect to the Internet are much likely to catch a virus and can end up crashing a hard disk. Finally, pornography is perhaps the biggest threat related to children’s psychological health and can be easily found via the Internet. As a consequence, there are still many drawbacks of the Internet and damage our social

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