Modern Technology Essay

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by Badr Alshaghdali Modern technology Modern technology has helped to make our lives easier and more luxuries. For example, modern transportation makes our traveling to other places faster, easier and comfort. In the past, if you decide to have a trip to another city you can only use animals or uncomfortable transportation way. But today you can chose from many modern ways like cars or planes in order to move from place to other. That variety in technology helped to save time and also made our decision easier. Imagine that if you don’t have a computer haw difficult will it be to do a hard work? The hard work can’t be done without right technology. It is true the technology makes our lives much better and we can’t ignore the big effect of it in our life style. In other hands, modern technology has actually made people busier and more stressed society. If we take I phone as an example, we all know how much time we spend looking for new programs or using internet. Because of the new technology of mobile, we always have to carry it with us so we use it everywhere and every time which make us busier. Because we are busier, we can’t find time for our self to do what we like to do. New technology in phones has made us very stressed. If any one loss his phone he will fill like it is the end of life because his phone has everything about him. Finally, modern technology is important to our lives only if we know how to use it in the right ways. Little and balanced technology can’t ever
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