Modern Slavery: Child Labor In China

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What is slavery? According to the dictionary, slavery is deprived of their personal freedom and compelled to provide their labor or services. Some people think that there are no more slaves in the world and slavery is over. But I think slavery is not a dead issue because there are about two hundred thousands slaves in the United States and about seven millions slaves around the world. In some poor countries, numbers of slaves are increasing day by day. And there are a lot of slavery workers who worked over twelve hours per day and low pay. By my knowledge, I know there are many children who are working under bad working conditions with low pay in developing countries such as China, Vietnam, and Thailand…The International Labor Organization (ILO) has estimated that of the 250 millions children who are from five to fourteen years old that are forced to work in developing countries, over fifty percent are in Asia (ILAB). In China, there are lot kinds of slavery such as forced labor, marriage, sexual slavery, and child labor. But child labor is a big issue right now in China. There are some evidences that show more factories grow in China and number of child labor will increase. According to the research, the common age of child labor are between ages of ten to fourteen are forced to work over 12 hours a day at factories in china. “The Compulsory Education Law of the Chinese constitution states that all children under the age of 16 must go to school and are not allowed to hold full-time jobs.” (Tulane). Base on the Chinese Law, Chinese government did not allow child labor in society. But there are a lot of children who are under 16 worked at factory without paid in bad working conditions. There are several reasons why number of child labor is increasing in China. First, there are a lot of poor families in China. They have the financial issue that parent don’t make
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