A Modern Review of the story Everyday use"

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A Modern Review of the story “Everyday use” By: Christopher Jiang Closely capturing the story “Every day use”, we can assert our empathy and imagine the difficulties African Americans experienced, for they were discriminated, forced into quandaries, and served with pain. Alice Walker created the narrator as an obstinate masculine mother, who refused the exchange of a quilt between her two daughters. She refused Dee for her betrayal and granted Maggie for her loyalty. Although, the three characters all expressed their feelings, However Dee, the new generation, disbelieved her heritage was the key, and carries contradicted attitudes with that of her mother. Dee believes she has successfully adapted survival therefore, deserves to frame the memory tree. The mother was described as very manly, kill to feed “I knocked a bull calf straight in the brain between the eyes with a sledgehammer and had the meat hung up to chill before nightfall.” and with a dominant expression in survival. Dee, selfishly, conceded with her aspiration, came from college “Earrings gold, too, and hanging down to her shoulder.” which inhibited her heritage, afraid it would betray her in the western society. At last, the most down to earth daughter, Maggie, proud of her bigger sister’s, and yet along with bit of jealousy, for she is too, on the stepping stone, parallels within Dee’s generation and yet lazy, benefiting through her tough mother; a better understanding of her sister, she insisted on giving up her quilt, as if were a slice of meat purposely given to a sibling pup. The story’s structure is broken down to three angles based on the generation gaps, but we must first realize ourselves that none of these are either right nor wrong, they are simply a direct projection of our injustice society. As the mother, who
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