Modern Poetry Trilogy

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Compare and Contrast For many years poems and the theme of love have been attached. One of the greatest poems in the world contain the theme of love. Love is seen as a theme in many different forms. This can be seen in the three poems “It is at Moments after I Have Dreamed” by e.e. Cummings, “Sonnet 49” by Pablo Neruda, and “The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock” by T.S Eliot all share the theme of love in different ways. “It is at Moments after I Have Dreamed” by e.e. Cummings is a poem about love lost. In the poem Cummings speaks of his love in a tone of remembrance. He is talking about a lost lover whom he remembers when he dreams. This poem has the theme of love lost because Cummings is reminiscent of happy times he spent with his lover this can be seen in stanza one when he says “the genuine apparition of your smile (it was through tears always) and silence moulds such strangeness as was mine a little while” in this quote he is speaking of the little things he used to love about her and how these things belong to him for a little while. This also shows that he has lost his love. Pablo Neruda is highly known for his theme of love in his poems and “Sonnet 49” is no exception. Sonnet 49 has the theme of eternal love. In this sonnet Neruda compares her hands to a river which is representing eternal or never ending love. The theme of the sonnet can be seen in stanza two when Neruda says” No one can stop the river of your hands, your eyes and their sleepiness, my dearest. You are the trembling of time, which passes between the vertical light and the darkening sky”. This quote explains Nerudas love for his significant other and how undying it is. The theme of this poem is undying or everlasting love. “The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock” by T.S Eliot is a poem about love and insecurity. In this poem Eliot created a character Prufrock who is an insecure man.
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