Modern Misconception of Adulthood

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Growing up sucks, doesn’t it? It seems as the older I get, the less fun life becomes. You're forced to make rash decisions, you have to become independent, and like the opposite of Spider-man, you gain great responsibilities without gaining great powers. It also seems as if you have to forfeit the simple, innocent joys of your youth. However, I believe that it all depends on your perception of the situation; if you look at it in a negative mindset, it becomes negative, if you look at it through a positive mindset, it becomes positive. Since we're told that time waits for no man, and we all eventually have to grow up a question arises; why not enjoy it? Now, I don't have the first hand experiences of an adult because of the simple fact that I am not yet an adult. Be that as it may, I am in the transition phase between being a child and an adult and as I progress into adulthood I try to remain receptive mixed with a positive attitude which will benefit me down the road. Now, one of the biggest reasons why people seem think aging sucks is because you're forced to make rash decisions. Quite recently, I had to pick the courses for my senior high school year. This decision will be the stepping stone into my post secondary education and will build the foundation of my future career. It's kind of ironic really, we're forced to sit down and decide what we want to do with out lives at the age where we still must ask for permission to go to the washroom. Although it might seem tough to make these choices, they can be good. They can lead you into the career you want, they can help you do what you love without having to pick berries to survive. If you wish to draw on people for a living; become a tattoo artist. If you wish to fly forty thousand feet above the rest of us; become a pilot. If you wish to capture the shear beauty of nature; become a photographer. The possibilities
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